Reusable Brooder Panels

Reusable Brooder Panels

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Reusable Brooder Panels

Use these Reusable Brooder Panels to build a customized safe and secure brooder for your poults, chicks, goslings, and ducklings. Panels are made out of double walled plastic, which are stronger than cardboard. The panels are easily cleaned with soap and water and can be used year after year. 

Each panel measures 16” tall by 25” long, and are 1/4” thick. Purchase any number of panels you need to build the perfect size brooder, as the panels interlock with connection slots. For example, six panels would make a 37" diameter brooder and seven panels would make a 50" diameter brooder. If you are going to place the heat lamp stand in the brooder, you will need 5 panels total in order for the stand to fit inside the brooder. The panels allow for 0.5 sq ft of space per day-old chick. 

* Panels are sold individually.